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Madison Brothers Consulting Group

The multidisciplinary nature of MBCG provides a competitive advantage and edge as the Firm’s consultants understand how to view the big picture. This understanding, combined with varying backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives allow our team to dismantle organizational silos that can often result in inefficiencies while conducting business. Our consultants have the capacity to promote organizational goals and increase efficiency while developing efficient solutions that solve multiple organizational challenges.


Primary Industries Served






Healthcare Equipment and Supplies

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Provider and Services


Business Services

Financial Services

Insurance Services

Professional Services

Real Estate 

Service Offerings


The Chief Compliance Officer (“CCO”) manages and oversees the compliance within an organization and ensures compliance with laws, policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements. Madison Brothers has the capabilities to define, identify, implement, and redefine compliance standards designed to correct, detect, identify, mitigate, and prevent noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The absence and/or ineffectiveness of a compliance program may potentially threaten the existence or sustainability of a business or organization.  Madison Brothers offers best practices for compliance with laws, local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, policies, procedures, and processes.


The Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) manages and oversees all financial functions within an organization.  Madison Brothers has capabilities to provide accounting, internal, operational, and vendor auditing, financial analysis, acquisition and divestiture program management, financial planning, merger integration, internal controls, performance improvement, and treasury management services.

Madison Brothers offers fractional and interim CFO and Controller services to organizations that may be experiencing restructuring and/or organizational transition.  These fractional and interim services are also available for portfolio companies of private equity funds.  MBCG also augments the staffing requirements for CFOs and Controllers by providing consultants who have the capabilities to perform services related to acquisitions, divestitures, financial, planning, and analysis, internal controls, treasury management, and construction, joint venture, operational and vendor audits.  The Firm has the capability to provide customized services and solutions to enhance and improve any business operation.


The Chief Governance Officer (“CGO”) manages and oversees various functions within an organization. These functional areas include, but are not limited to, community relations, corporate communications, corporate philanthropy, corporate strategy, investor relations, stakeholder management, and sustainability.  Madison Brothers has the capabilities to provide services directly to the CGO to assess, enhance, establish, evaluate, or improve the governance functions of any organization.

Madison Brothers Consulting Group provides organizations with best practices to ensure the impact and intentions of the business and company align with the organizational core values, goals, and objectives.


The Chief Human Resources Officer (“CHRO”) manages and oversees the people of an organization.  Madison Brothers has the capabilities to provide compensation and benefit analyses, leadership development and training, management development and training, and other ancillary services to enhance and improve the human resource’s function.

The firm specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, and management training.  The firm’s leader and certain consultants are Certified Coaches, Teachers, Trainers, and Speakers with The John Maxwell Team. Madison Brothers can offer workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, executive coaching, leadership development, and management training, while aiding the personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods.

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